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Corporate Training Programs and Workshops

Ready for more grit, resilience, productivity and satisfaction, and less overwhelm?

Resiliency Mastery Corporate Training Program:

Bounce Back Better®  B3®,
a licensed trademarked program of The Flourishing Center 

Increase your resilience with research-based skills from positive psychology and neuroscience. You can’t remove all stress from your life, but you can learn how to stress well!  Learn how to get grit and Bounce Back Better®  with the Intro to the Science of Resilience module and 16 learning modules in the Resilience Mastery B3® certification training program​. Bounce Back Better® and B3® are registered trademarks of The Flourishing Center.   Read More


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Clapping Audience

Resilience Mastery Mental Fitness

Customized Corporate Training Intensives


The Resilience Mastery Mental Fitness Training program gives participants practical skills and tools needed to be more effective and adaptable in the world. Bounce Back Better® and B3® are registered trademarks of The Flourishing Center. Read More


Emotional Intelligence Mastery 

Training Program


A powerful unique multi-session customized workplace EI training program that incorporates the essential skills of psychology and leadership to elevate communication, collaboration, empathy, engagement, management capabilities, and personal effectiveness.


Leadership is not a skill you can merely assign, it is

  • developed through cognitive skills, resilience and adaptability, conflict resolution capabilities, and decision making prowess;

  • earned through demonstrated interpersonal skills, flexibility, integrity, inspiration, and trust;

  • and ultimately defined by followership.    

Sparketype(R) Advisor Workshop and Coaching

Leadership Training and Consultation


Powerful new leadership and teambuilding training that let's teams discover how to tap the unique Sparketype tools and programming that helps individuals and groups come alive with purpose, excitement, energy, motivation, engagement, and meaning.  The Sparketype Assessment is the world’s first purpose-expression-flow archetype. 


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Flourishing Skills

Group Program


The groups meet weekly for 3, 6, 8, or 10 consecutive week sessions, each week building and deepening your happiness skillset leaving you nourished and empowered. The Flourishing Skills Group® is a registered trademark of The Flourishing Center. Learn More.     
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Keynote Speaking and Workshops

At Resilience Mastery, we believe everyone can benefit from training in positive psychology. We offer programs that focus on teaching practical skills in resilience, emotional intelligence, managing burnout, mindfulness, goal setting, decision-making, and many more topics. Our experienced and licensed trainers and coaches work with you to develop a customized program tailored to the needs of your organization. These high impact programs help individuals, teams, and organizations increase their resilience, develop better coping skills, and navigate conflict, uncertainty, and change. Contact us for a comprehensive list of positive psychology programs and services.

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UpLeveling the Workplace with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the essential ingredient for any successful high functioning team. Learning how to work with reactions, yours and others is key. Understand how to up level your work culture in powerful ways.


Mental Mastery for Navigating Mind Chatter

Practical science-based tools to successfully tame that monkey mind, finally!


Business Guide for Managing Burnout to Sparked!

Burnout is on the rise. How can you replace frazzled with fired up?  Learn tools from a certified Sparketype Advisor. 

Support Group Session

Building An Empathetic Leadership Culture

Not business as usual anymore! Learn why and how to build a highly engaged empathetic culture with psychological safety from the top down.

Everyday Mindfulness
for Leaders

Leveraging  the science of mindfulness for focus, productivity, innovation, and engagement.


Surprising Keys to a Flourishing Life

Years of research have uncovered the science behind what it takes to flourish, learn and apply these every-day skills.


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