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Private & Group Coaching

Coaching facilitates awareness and growth using tools and techniques from positive psychology and behavior change. By guiding you to identify and leverage your unique strengths, I will help you to move toward mastery of resilience and achievement. Working with me can bring improvement to all areas of professional life, such as leadership, strategic thinking, conflict resolution, confidence, and impactful communication. Coaching also helps with personal well-being, fitness, nutrition, weight management, stress, physical health, self-empowerment, and management of life issues. This will lead to a new found confidence and avenues for creative expression.

Plain and simple, coaching is about getting results. Effective coaching will assist you in shifting both your thinking and behavior.

Scheduling a Coaching Session:

Sessions are generally scheduled once or twice a month and are held by telephone, video chat, or in-person, for 3-months or longer. Typically a private session will be 1 to 2-hours in length and group coaching sessions are 2-hours. Clients are asked to complete weekly assignments and accountability check-ins. 


About your coach

Nina Sherak

Nina Sherak is a certified Positive Psychology practitioner with a passion for resilience. She has a Master's of Science in Exercise Physiology and is a licensed Certified Health Educator (NCHEC), trained wellness coach (Wellcoaches and ASCM), a trained workplace coach (Success Circle and JobPlus Coaching), and certified APPC coach and group and team coach (GTC) through The Flourishing Center. Nina is excited to be obtaining her PCC accreditation from ICF this year. She has completed the Certification in Applied Positive Psychology program with The Flourishing Center and is certified to lead Flourishing Skill Group programs and the Bounce Back Better Resilience training. As the mentoring program director for the Great Dames organization, she creates and leads multiple coaching programs, including popular peer-to-peer group coaching circles in Philadelphia and Delaware. Nina was also one of the first coaches to be certified as a Sparketype Advisor and Coach and has lead many Sparketype workshops in the corporate sector. 


Nina is an impactful coach who is sincerely dedicated to the wellbeing of her clients. She works hard to provide you with the support, motivation, and guidance you need to create positive and lasting change. She combines evidence-based practices with practical tools, strategies, and a personal touch above and beyond typical coaching sessions to move you past blocks and into bold steps that enhance your success. Every coaching session includes extra follow-up resources, an accountability plan, and next-step guidance.


Nina brings intuitive skills to her practice and infuses coaching sessions with positive high energy and a sense of adventure. Ready to start your journey to personal growth, resilience, and professional development? Grab ownership of your life!  Let's get started! 


Booking Options for Coaching

FREE Consultation:

Schedule a free 10-min consultation booking session to find out the best option for you.

20-min Laser Coaching:

Topic-specific focused work when you want to get results fast. Laser Coaching is a short, energetic, and to-the-point coaching session. During the 20-minutes we will work together to achieve clarity, pinpoint the core of a situation or roadblock, and get to dynamic solutions that are aligned with your authentic self so you can get moving now.

55-Min Individual Coaching Session:

We work together to achieve clarity on goals, pinpoint roadblocks, build a resiliency tool kit, and get to dynamic solutions that are aligned with your strengths. Throughout you will build a foundation of self-compassion and self-care as we transform your vision into bold moves. The result is increased self-awareness, and confidence. Let's do this!

Booking Options for Coaching Packages 

Accountability Coaching:

Schedule a free 10-min consultation booking session to find out the best option for you.

Concierge Coaching:

Concierge Coaching is an in-depth comprehensive multi-session year long coaching program providing intensive resources and support to move the client through change and transformation.


Along with bi-monthly coaching sessions, additional benefits and services include weekly 1:1 accountability check-ins and unlimited access to online consultation and strategy sessions with the coach as needed.


This highly individual support program assists clients in addressing challenges from all angles and creates impactful solutions yielding concrete results with focus on maintaining growth outcomes. 

Impact Coaching Series:

Sometimes we need support and tools to assimilate huge changes and transitions in our lives. Coaching can help you step into the next phase with confidence and competence. 
Other times we see the change we want but need help and support to make it a reality. When making positive long-lasting life changes is your goal, focused coaching support is critical. Work closely with your coach to map out your success roadmap with clear goals, a concrete action plan, accountability measures, and contingency steps. In this 3- or 6-session concierge coaching series we come to clarity on your why, and your why not for your key goals, and work closely to manage self-sabotage tendencies while using behavior change science to ensure assimilation and maintenance of your goals. Change is in the air!


20% discount for CAPP and FSG members 

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