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Keynote Speaker Topics

Sample topics include:

If You Fall, Grow Wings: One Woman's Resilience Story

Follow a resilience journey of changing a personal narrative from wounded to wisdom, from weak to warrior, and stepping out of lifelong fear into forgiveness, freedom, and flourishing. 

Keys to Resilience Mastery: Go From Survive to Thrive

Introduction to Resilience Mastery. Understand the science behind resilience. Learn practical tools to navigate the waves of life.

Everyday Magic: The Practical Person's Guide to The Law of Attraction

Explore the fundamental psychology and physiology of mindset and how thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and values connect to cause and effect.

Awake in Appreciation: Discover and Manage Your Telemores, the Cellular Key to Living Longer and Healthier

Learn about the science of cellular aging, how you can protect and improve you telemore health, and why your life depends on your practice of gratitude.

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