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Meet Nina Sherak, MS, CHES, CAPP

Certified Corporate Resilience Mastery Trainer & Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner

Nina Sherak helps individuals and teams apply the science of positive psychology to better navigate the waves of life so they can thrive resiliently. Nina is a certified corporate Resilience Mastery trainer (CRT), worksite wellness leader, licensed behavior change educator (CHES), and certified applied positive psychology practitioner (CAPP). As a resilience expert, Nina leads corporate Resilience Mastery Training and positive psychology programs both onsite and virtually to companies such as Gore, GSK, AstraZeneca, DuPont, Aramark, and M&T Bank. These programs help individuals and corporate cultures develop better agility, engagement, grit, and resilience to navigate the big 3: uncertainty, conflict, and change.

In the Resilience Mastery Corporate training program participants move through sequential and progressive learning steps to gain practical insights and guidance on how to apply positive psychology skills in their professional and personal life. Empowered with new resilience tools, participants report tangible improvements that enable them to bounce back from challenges with a champion mindset. 

Nina also provides inspiring keynote speaking presentations at conferences and leads dynamic interactive positive psychology learning groups and fun Resilience Pop-up Events and Masterclasses that will move you from overwhelm to uplifted and from frustrated to flourishing.

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Nuntiya, Lifecoach

Mastermind work with Nina was exactly what I needed to get over the obstacle that had been blocking

me for months! It was a combination of coaching, think tank, brainstorming, and taking action! Nina asked all the right questions to challenge my thinking, which encouraged me to see myself in a different perspective. With her support and guidance, Nina helped me get past my stuck point. Thank you, Nina!


Ashley, Senior Analyst

Our coaching sessions served as a place for me to sort through my confusion, doubts and worries. I learned how to clarify my next steps, make new bold choices, and be accountable for my actions. With her coaching support I was able to sort through my aspirations and chart a meaningful course for my career knowing I am more resilient than I had ever imagined. 


Marie, Compliance Officer

In the Resilience Mastery training she was able to bring the science of resilience in practical ways that relate directly to the day to day challenges of engineers.  The material in this program has had long lasting positive impact across the business that has impressed everyone. Participants keep talking about the skills they learned in this program with new skills for solution-oriented thinking showing up in meetings and quickly becoming a new norm as part of the corporate lexicon. 


Bill Marrazzo, President & Executive Office, WHYY Philadelphia

 As part of a news organization, I’ve grown intrigued by the focus, sometimes the fixation, of audience members on the negatives in life. Why are we seemingly so absorbed in traffic accidents or the latest viral outbreaks? We seem to give more weight to the things going wrong around us to the exclusion of things that are going right. A bias for the negative! Listening to Nina Sherak reinforces the power of a more positive outlook, and not just from a quality of life standpoint but to shore up our physical being too. I would recommend her materials and lectures on resilience to anyone interested in exploring the power of building habits to see the upside of life!


Nani Shin, W.E. Tribe Founder

Nina created a dynamic learning experience customized for the group. Thank you Nina for sharing your knowledge and teaching us to reset with resiliency!  You truly are a positive light, leading by example."

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