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What is Resilience?
Navigating the waves of life

Life is full of ups and downs, and often we find ourselves scrambling to tread water way more than skillfully navigating the waves. Resilience is the key to sailing through storms. Resilience training brings skills and tools based on positive psychology research and neuroscience that you can apply in practical ways in your everyday life. What is resilience? Why do we need it? And how can we get better at it? Read More


A Scientifically Based Approach To Increasing Your Mental, Emotional, and Physical Fitness and Toughness.

“Nina is a positive source of strength! Her work guides me to discover fresh new insights and

encourages me to reach beyond my own self-imposed limitations to achieve goals that truly

seemed way out of my reach not too long ago."

- Sandy

"Nina is a skilled facilitator who champions growth and brings results. Each Resilience Mastery program has been at capacity with a waiting list. This is a fantastic program that brings great value to the workplace."

- Maria

“Mastermind work with Nina was exactly what I needed to get over the obstacle that had been blocking

me for months! Nina asked all the right questions to challenge my thinking, which encouraged me to see myself in a different perspective."

- Nuntiya

I would recommend Nina Sherak's materials and lectures on resilience to anyone interested in exploring the power of building habits to see the upside of life!”

- Bill


Nina Sherak, MS, CHES, CAPP

Nina Sherak helps individuals and teams apply the science of positive psychology to better navigate the waves of life so they can thrive resiliently. Nina is a certified corporate Resilience Mastery trainer, worksite wellness leader, licensed behavior change educator, and certified applied positive psychology practitioner. Read More


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